A Powerful Partner Creating RNAi Synergy

To learn more about partnering opportunities with Marina Biotech contact:

June Ameen, Senior Vice President

Marina Biotech is a powerful partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and research foundations who are interested in RNAi-based therapeutics and their potential for providing safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of diseases.

We place a high value on relationships that will provide us the opportunity to expand our internal research and development programs through access to new technologies and therapeutic programs. We actively seek alliances that will enhance our capabilities to deliver breakthrough therapeutics to improve people's lives.

Marina Biotech partnering is led by our Business Development and Alliance Management professionals. Alliance Management is a key component of Marina Biotech's strategy for success. Our Alliance Managers build and maintain alignment between Marina Biotech and our partners permitting the joint teams to function effectively and efficiently to ensure successful outcomes.

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